About Apoapsis

Apoapsis is a premier network infrastructure consultancy and software solutions company serving the Global Fortune 500 companies. Our specialist experience is in global financial, telecommunications and networking arena's. This, together with our software development division, allows us to offer a unique insight into your business.

Apoapsis Software

Apoapsis Software is proud to present NetUsage. NetUsage is a "plug & play" appliance solution to provide valuable network data direct from your Cisco routers using Cisco's NetFlow feature, and will produce essential networking reports that will allow you to either save money, increase customer service or both, throughout your global network.

Apoapsis Consulting

We have a dedicated team of consultants with proven track records at all levels, from equipment installation through to boardroom strategy. Our team are highly skilled and widely experienced, and continuously trained and updated in the very latest technologies including Optical Networks, Mobile and Wireless, Voice Video and Data Integration, Internetworking, Information Security, and Performance Management. Our products include Technology Due Diligence, Network Training, Application Profiling, Network Health Checks, Interim Managemnt, and M&A Network Integration. Our latest Technology Due Diligence report on IP Convergence is now available (Short Version), (Full Version).